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How to File Almond Nails

20 Sep 2023
How to File Almond Nails

These days, manicure fans are all about selecting just the right nail length and shape to best suit their own unique fashion sense. Lately, almond-shaped nails have become an especially chic and popular option.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how to file almond-shaped nails, including a complete description of the aesthetic choice along with several pros and cons of the edgy style.

Plus, a handy how-to guide for mastering the art of how to make almond-shaped nails at home, so you can take marvelous almond manicures into your own hands once and for all!

Popular Nail Shape Options

Common nail shapes today include seven especially popular options with distinctly different looks:

  1. Oval: more traditional, looks great on short fingers
  2. Round: a good option for shorter, no-fuss nails
  3. Square: clear, cornered edges with a flat tip
  4. Squoval: a softer-cornered square, or hybrid of square and oval
  5. Stiletto: a wider base that gradually comes to a pointed tip
  6. Coffin: edgy, tapered ends with narrow, square tips
  7. Almond: slim sides with a wider base and a soft, rounded peak

Each of these manicure styles has its own upsides and drawbacks.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at almond-shaped nails – which, in a nutshell, essentially resemble their literal namesake!

Defining How to Shape Nails Almond-Style

Just as the name suggests, naturally smooth, oblong almonds are the true inspiration for how to file almond nails like a pro. The goal is basically to create an elongated imitation of an almond on each nail, with the widest point at the base.

This style is less exaggerated than stiletto but less round than an oval, forming a hip, happy medium of modern manicures. With a pointed yet rounded tip that tapers inward to a soft peak, this coveted style is easy to achieve, even from the comfort of home.

The Benefits of Learning How to File Nails Almond

Almond has been a sought-after nail shape for some time now, probably thanks to its many upsides. The aesthetic successfully creates a finger-slimming effect that actually makes digits appear longer. Best of all, it works well on long, medium, and short nails.

Not only does this type of manicure look great on practically all hands, but it’s surprisingly not too difficult for non-professionals to both generate and maintain this chic, trendy look.

How to Make Almond Shape Nails at Home

To attain just the right amounts of pointedness and roundedness for an amazing almond look, those who love to sport the style are smart to learn how to get almond-shaped nails at home that will look stunning every time.

Achieving the perfect almond manicure involves shaping a repeated and consistent nail shape that is a balanced blend of pointed stiletto and rounded oval.

So, let’s break down the process, step by step!

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Get Almond Shaped Nails

  1. Wash your hands completely and clean each nail using a piece of paper towel with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Carefully remove any debris and ensure each nail is fully dry.

(Optional: Push back any overgrown areas of cuticle skin, especially if you plan to apply nail enhancements or extensions later.)

  1. Use a nail art pen to draw an arrow on each nail, starting with a thin line down the middle and then adding shorter lines at the tip. These will guide the edges.
  2. Use a curved nail clipper to trim along the arrow’s shorter, slanted front lines.
  3. File along the same two edges to shape and round them, removing the sharp corners. It’s okay if the tip stays flat for now.

(Note: Be sure to select a nail file with the right-sized grit – fine to medium for natural nails, coarse and abrasive for artificial enhancements like gel or acrylic.)

  1. Hold the nail file at an angle and move it repeatedly in one direction only, moving from each angled edge down toward the tip.

(Tip: Try to repeat the same motion on each side to achieve consistent, matching curves on every nail.)

  1. Finally, use the file to smoothly shape each tip to a soft point. Keep checking them from many angles, correcting any rough, sharp, or uneven bits.

(Note: Keep symmetry in mind, as uneven areas will detract from the look.)

  1. The last step is to remove the guiding line of polish with remover or rubbing alcohol. Now the almond shape is complete!

Remember that this is just a guide for the process of how to almond shape nails. Other specific manicure steps can vary before and after shaping.

Combine these instructions with your favorite types of enhancements and designs for a more personalized manicure!

How to Shape Short Almond Nails

For shorter nails, follow the same steps as above, but trim and file more slowly and carefully, as short nails offer less extra nail to work with. 

Be mindful to clip only what’s needed before filing each edge. Resist the urge to rush or remove too much. When shaping short nails, every bit counts.

For this style, shorter nails can definitely benefit from sturdy extensions, but it’s not always a must. If applying this look to natural nails, strengthening base products can help protect both the manicure and the nail underneath.

Additional Notes on How to File Nails Almond Shape

When learning how to file almond nails, remember to keep the nail base wide. This will help accentuate the almond appearance. Curved edges and a wide base are some standout signatures of almond-shaped nails.

Whether the edges are more softly or sharply rounded comes down to personal taste. Some find that wider nail plates are complemented by longer almond-shaped nails, and also prefer the look of shorter almond nails on plates that are naturally narrower.

How to Shape Almond Nails With Different Styles

There are tons of ways to design your home manicure when practicing how to file almond-shaped nails.

This shape looks great on various nail lengths, more rounded or pointed nibs, and with or without gel or acrylic extensions.

The Choices Are Endless

The creative possibilities of nail art are unlimited! There are tons of fun ways to wear your cool new manicure once you’ve learned how to get almond shaped nails anytime, anywhere.

Some people like to wear this style on natural nails, while others opt to combine it with gel, lengthening acrylics, or another type of enhancement.

Design Suggestions for How to Make Almond Shape Nails That Turn Heads!

Some popular designs that have emerged in the wide world of how to make almond shape nails that will make a great impression include:

  • Natural (long or short, rounder or more pointed)
  • Holiday-themed with emblems or decals (this shape lends itself especially well to Valentine’s Day hearts!)
  • French tip (curved or triangular; white or colored)
  • Bold or matte colors (like black)
  • Geometric patterns
  • Floral designs
  • Solid or multi-color glitter (over a white, black, or clear base)
  • Metallics (like gold or silver)
  • Newspaper print

These are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. This shape provides a nice, long canvas to dream up elegant or detailed artwork on every nail, or apply unique, eye-catching designs to select mirroring or complementary accent nails.

Pro Tips for Expert-Level Nail Care and Maintenance

Much like a new hairstyle’s success depends on an ongoing hair care routine, maintaining the longevity of a beautiful almond manicure comes down to upholding a strong foundation and consistent practice of proper nail care.

Here are some expert-approved tips to help your manicure look its best for as long as possible.

  • Utilize all the right tools, like a quality nail file and curved clippers, plus any other desired manicure tools, such as a cuticle pusher, cuticle remover, and cuticle oil.
  • Moisturize your hands regularly, especially if you wash them often. This helps keep up the elevated look.
  • Stick to a routine that includes the occasional professional manicure or schedule intentional sessions of dedicated nail care at home.
  • Take supplements and vitamins that support healthy nails, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, keratin, collagen, and omega-3 fatty acids. Speak with a physician if you’re unsure about which nutrients and in what quantities will best nourish your nails from within.

Most importantly, always keep a close eye on well-groomed nibs to make sure any chips or scuffs due to wear and tear are promptly corrected. This will also prevent minor scuffs from becoming bigger problems.

Final Thoughts

Almond manicures have been turning heads and drawing compliments for years. It’s only a matter of time before nail art fans everywhere wish to learn more about this edgy yet elegant style.

Choosing to master the art of how to shape nails almond-style is a wise and attainable goal. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can experiment with endless fun, new designs.

Whenever you need a hand in totally nailing your marvelous manicure, dig into the wealth of awesome info and ideas at Decorate your fabulous almond nails with luxurious jewelry gel, stunning reflective glitters, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some helpful responses to common questions surrounding how to almond shape nails for yourself.

When learning how to shape nails almond, how can I keep things even?

Encourage balance when creating almond shape nails by first using a nail art pen to draw a thin line down the middle of each nail. This will be a useful guide in maintaining symmetry. Don’t worry, you can remove it later!

How can beginners learn how to file almond nails?

Pro tip: Try drawing an arrow on each nail with a fine-tipped polish pen before starting the shaping process. These arrows will serve as a handy guide for achieving perfectly sloped and rounded edges.

Feel free to adjust the angle and curves according to your personal taste, as long as all the nails match. Then, once you’re happy with the basic form, you can confidently start shaping with clippers and a nail file.

What types of tools should I use to get almond-shaped nails?

For best results on natural nails, use a curved set of nail clippers and a nail file with fine-to-medium coarseness.

Curved clippers are better for creating the correct angle, and they help us avoid removing too much nail by mistake.

Remember, you can always remove a bit more with a file, but if too much natural nail is removed with clippers, additional artificial enhancements may become necessary.

What’s the best filing method for how to almond shape nails?

Start near the cuticle and use smooth, repeated motions moving in the same direction (toward the tip), delivering a gentle curve to a rounded tip. Try to create the same motion on each side.

Note: It’s not recommended to move the nail file back and forth, as this motion is harder to control.

Is it possible to learn how to shape short almond nails at home?

It’s totally possible to go DIY when it comes to how to shape short almond nails. Just make sure there’s enough length (nails extend slightly past the fingertip).

Although shorter nails can certainly work for this shape, it will mean minimal room for error when shaping. For this reason, a bit of length is needed to create an evenly tapered tip.

Can I use real almonds as a reference for how to make almond shape nails?

Yes! Real almonds make a great resource for imitating their shape in the form of a manicure. Grab a handful of these rich nuts for reference, then enjoy them as a healthy snack once they’ve helped your nails look amazing!

Pro tip: Another great way to check almond-shaped nails for the correct slope and evenness is to flip them over and examine each one from the underside.

Why is learning how to make almond-shaped nails a good idea?

The great thing about almond nails is that the shape complements practically any type of hand, finger, and nail length. This style can even be customized to enhance the appearance of hands – for example, helping fingers appear longer and slimmer.

What’s more, it’s easy to create and maintain this look at home!

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