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Gel Base and Top Coat

09 Oct 2023

As any nail tech will tell you, fabulous gel nails start with a sturdy base and finish with a quality top coat. At NotPolish, you can get everything you need for the perfect gel manicure.

Base Coat

A base coat forms the foundation of a gel manicure – your polish simply won’t stick without it! 

We offer several options, including one, especially for white nail designs. Simply apply the base to your nails and harden them under your gel UV lamp for the recommended time (usually 30 seconds).

With our product, you can expect a hard finish that allows for easy application of one of our colorful gel polishes. And you can expect your manicure to last for up to two weeks – what more could you want?

Top Coat

Top coat isn’t just a finishing flourish – it’s vital for protecting your nails and ensuring a rock-hard finish. 

Our product will help your gel manicure last for up to two weeks without any chipping, peeling, or cracking. Choose the top coat that best matches your nail art – matte, glossy, or even glow-in-the-dark!

Simply apply a top coat to your painted gel nails and stick them back under the UV light for the recommended time. Once it dries, you’re set!

NotPolish offers salon-grade products at an affordable price. Whether you’re a nail tech or someone who just loves a well-painted nail, you’ll find what you need and more at our site. And with our prices, you can afford to get everything you need for a perfect manicure.

So take a look at the selection of base and top coats that NotPolish has to offer and get creating!

Liner Brush

Nothing’s more fun than nail art, but as any good nail tech will tell you, the tools you use really matter. High-quality liner brushes are a must for doing small, delicate designs. For quality, selection, and price, you can’t do better than NotPolish!

Great Quality

Whether you’re a seasoned nail tech or an enthusiastic beginner, you’ll find that our liner brushes give superior control for flawless designs. Our brush tips hold the perfect amount of polish – enough for a strong line, but not so much that it drips. 

You can do a crisp French mani, cute and stylish polka dots, or go wild with crazy lines and colors. No matter what design you want, our brushes can help you achieve it.

Our brushes are safe to use on both natural and artificial nails. And they’re easy to clean, too. Simply soak them in isopropyl alcohol or acetone-based polish remover and store them in the convenient case provided once dry.

Each of our brushes is actually two brushes in one with different sizes on either end. That gives you more options and means getting out fewer tools before a manicure.

Affordable Prices

NotPolish brushes are designed by salon professionals to give you affordable tools that don’t skimp on quality. With our prices, you can get all the brushes you need to express yourself in nail art! We even offer a kit for easy one-stop shopping.

All our nail tools are designed to work with our wide range of gel polishes. No matter what color or design you want, NotPolish can help you make it happen. 

Our tools are made in the USA and designed by salon professionals – no cut-rate equipment here.

Ready to get started on your nail art? Check out NotPolish’s wide selection of nail art and liner brushes and get designing!

Nail Art Gels

Gel polish is absolutely perfect for nail art. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll love our easy-to-use liner kits and bold colors.

Technicians and hobbyists alike love gel polish for detailed, intricate designs. Because it doesn’t set until hit with the UV light, the polish stays wet and easy to work with. Any mistakes can easily be wiped off, making it great for beginners just trying out intricate art.

Wild Designs with NotPolish Art Gels

From gel liners with an included applicator brush to metallic and glittery shades, if you need it for your art, you’ll find it here. Our marbling kits let you produce a dreamy, soft-focus finish, and our liner kits make getting the look you want a snap. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Why not try out our disco liner set for glittery nails that make any occasion a special one? You can also use our metallic liner set for a shiny chrome finish without the fuss and powder. Our platinum liner set is perfect for nail techs with 12 high-quality colors.

The sky’s the limit with our nail art gels. Why not decorate our plain nail tips to make your very own custom press-ons? You can also use our range of salon-quality nail tools to create designs so perfect they don’t even look handmade.

Whether you’re a professional nail tech or simply a manicure enthusiast, you’ll love that our products are available at an affordable price, even though we don’t skimp on quality. Best of all, NotPolish is one-stop shopping for everything you need. 

Give our collection a look and see what sparks your imagination. Express yourself in nail art with NotPolish!

Nail Glue

Nail glue is an absolute necessity if you’re applying false tips or nails. But not all glues are created equal.

At NotPolish, our range includes a variety of glues suited to every need and every budget. Take a look for yourself!

Glue That Works…

Glue can be tricky – you want it to give you a long-lasting manicure with no peeling or fuss, but you also don’t want it to damage your nails. Too many glues lean towards one side or the other, resulting in either false nails popping off or weakening of the natural nail.

Thankfully, neither of those is a problem with the glues at NotPolish. Simply push back your cuticles and prep your nails with one of our dehydrators or primers. Then, apply the glue to both your natural nail and the artificial one.

Finally, place the artificial tip on top and press. After the glue dries, you’ll have a manicure that can last a full two weeks while still looking great!

…Without Destroying Your Nails

We’re nail techs and manicure fans at NotPolish, so we know how tough nail glue can be on your natural nails. That’s why we work with salon professionals to design glues that are easy on your nails without sacrificing hold. You’ll be surprised at how healthy your natural nails look when you remove your tips!

The best part is that our glues are affordable on any budget. Whether you’re a technician looking to buy in bulk or a hobbyist replenishing your supplies, you’ll find something great at your price point. And you’ll probably have enough left to check out our nail tips, polishes, and art tools.

So don’t hold back! Check out our great nail glues and go nuts. 

Chrome Nail Powder

Nothing lets your manicure shine better than our chrome nail powders! Check out NotPolish’s wide range of colors and effects and make your nails extraordinary.

Get Shiny!

Chrome nail powder is easy to use, even if you’re not a nail art pro. Applying the powder with a sponge gives a smooth, almost glossy finish while sprinkling or patting on the powder gives a more textured, industrial look.

Best of all, metallic nail powder can be applied almost over any polish. With regular polish, simply apply a top coat and let set until half-dry, about one minute. Then, apply your powder and cover with another layer of top coat.

Or, apply over gel polish for a long-lasting and glamorous look. Apply a no-wipe gel top coat over cured gel nails and flash for 10-15 seconds until touchable but not hard. Then, apply the powder and set it with a fully-cured layer of top coat.

Get Colorful!

And don’t think you have to limit yourself to metallics like silver and gold – NotPolish has over a dozen shades, from rich jewel tones to fiery reds and oranges. Chrome nails are a bold style but surprisingly versatile. And with our prices, you can afford to get every color you want!

Still feeling a little intimidated? Why not check out our chrome gel liners to get a similar look without the fuss?

NotPolish is a brand made by current and former nail techs for real manicure fans. That means you get salon quality at affordable prices. Our products are all US-made and designed to be less toxic.

Don’t wait to get the chrome nails you’ve always dreamed of – shop NotPolish’s collection of chrome nail powder today.

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