Our Mission

#notpolish is the go-to nail brand for salon professional. We aim to inspire a love for the nails experience with style that touches people everywhere

A nail Brand Made in USA

Unlike other acrilic nail products, NP is produced in USA with specific standard and less toxic. With NP, Nail Artist can now feel free creating.

Our Product

Product are arranged by season collection (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Christmas…) and by color (Glitter, Chrome, Nude…). Our wide-range 300 colors definitely make your nails design fabulous.


Tri Nguyen

Thao Nguyen
Nail Technician

Rachel Nguyen
UK Master Distributor

Dung Nguyen

Lorenz Medina
Head Of Instructor Educator

Trang Luu
Canada Master Distributor

Tim Nguyen
Master Educator

Johnny Nguyen
Master Educator